Sabtu, 06 November 2010

Prof. Yang Seung Yoon, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea “Korea Have the Strong Education Power because of our Respect to Teacher..!”

Korea, as we know is the country that have good development of education system. Just like the other country of Western Asia such as Japan, China, and other, Korea has the big principle that support the education system become the number one there.

The Professor of Hankuk University Korea, Prof. Yang Seung Yoon said that Korea is the country that really develop about the education seriously when he met with Q-Smart team last time. He said that Korea also have some system that have influenced in Indonesia. Such as the boarding school, and many other.

“In Indonesia, we know well about ‘Padepokan’.. Actually there we use it too.. So, there’s no great difference of our system and yours..” said the professor that come from Foreign Studies of Hankuk University.

So, what can make their country become better in educational development...?

Prof. Yang Seung Yoon said, “One thing that I have analyze.. In Korea, we really respect our teacher.. Being a Teacher is something that really respectfully there.. Here’s the example.. If in one forum there’re some teacher and  a President, the President will help the teacher to take his bag.. Great, right..?”

Phew..! Can you imagine that..? Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono help the teacher to take his bag in one formal forum..?

It really showed that we as the young student generation should have the big respect to our teacher. However, teacher is someone that can make us being like now. We have great evidence. Korea, Japan, and other country that really respect the teacher had become the big country in the world. So, let’s respect our teacher, guyz..! Take the knowledge for our bright future..!! (Fathan, Verly, Rita - Q-Smart)


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